Stay ahead of COVID-19 with REACH

Stay ahead of COVID-19 with REACH

Stay ahead of COVID-19 this school year 

We've been working hard to make sure schools are as prepared as they can be when students start to arrive on campus.  We've developed some new features you may want to consider implementing this fall. 

NFC Tagging 

Students can SISO to new locations using NFC tags.  Purchase your own tags and program them right from the staff app. 


QR Codes 

Students can SISO to a new location by pointing their cameras at a dynamic QR code. 

Contact Tracing 

What happens when a student on campus gets sick? Pull reports on where they've been and sho they might have come into contact with. 



Symptom Surveys 

Ask students, staff, and parents how they are feeling every morning. Trigger workflows when someone in your school community identifies they might have symptoms.