ARTICLE: Approving Leave Requests as a Parent or Host

ARTICLE: Approving Leave Requests as a Parent or Host

As a Parent or Host you can approve leave requests in a number of ways.

Note, your approval methods will all depend on your school's expectations of parents' use of Reach.  Some schools only have parents approve leave request through Email.  Some schools will have parents log into their own Reach Parent account, and use Push notifications to the parent's app, and some schools some will use SMS (text messages).  Any questions about which specific method you, as a parent, should expect to use to approve your child(ren)s leave requests should be directed to your school.

  1. Approve by Email
    When you receive a Leave request notification by email you can Approve Request or Decline Request the event by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the email.

  1. Approve by SMS
    If your school has SMS notifications set for Leave Request Notifications then you can approve the leave by replying to the selecting the link sent via the SMS message and then selecting Approve Request or Decline Decline from the Leave Details.

  1. In Mobile App
    When logged in to Reach through the mobile app you can approve pending leave requests in the app by navigating to Leave from the bottom menu bar, select the leave request from the Manage Leave screen, and select Approve or Reject from the Leave Details screen.

  1. In your Web Portal
    When logged in to Reach through your web portal you can Approve or Reject pending leave requests from your Home page in the Current Leave Requests section.

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