ARTICLE: Consent-2-Go Medical Viewport

ARTICLE: Consent-2-Go Medical Viewport

Consent-2-Go Medical Viewport

Reach customers that use Consent-2-Go software for the management of medical information of their student population can now view student medical profiles directly from their Consent-2-Go account in your Reach portal using the Consent-2-Go Viewport in Reach.

Activation of your Consent-2-Go Viewport in Reach is a manual procedure that begins in your Consent-2-Go account.  Please email your Consent-2-Go representative and CC that email to so that this request also raises a support ticket in Reach. 

We can then track the activation of your viewport request with Consent-2-Go.  Activation is a simple procedure and should be immediate once your viewport is enabled at Consent-2-Go.

You can control who has permission to see the Consent-2-Go Viewport in Reach by managing your user accessibility permissions.  These permissions can be controlled through the Base Level Permissions for an entire User Role in Reach or by an individual user's personal Accessibility permissions.

Accessing the Viewport

There are three (3) places where the Consent-2-Go Viewport can be accessed when access permission is granted to a user.

1.  In the Student Sidebar
Open the Student Sidebar and in the student's view click on the View Medical Profile icon.  

2  In the Student Profile
People Management > View Contact > Medical Tab > Consent-2-Go  

3.  In the Student Summary View 
Dashboards > Student Summary > Medical Profile

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