ARTICLE: Contact Bulk Data Management

ARTICLE: Contact Bulk Data Management

Contact Bulk Data Management


Contact Bulk Data Management allows for an efficient way to remove and manage the following associations as they relate to users:

·        UDFs

·        Groups

·        Contact Flags

·        Groups Managed

·        Medical Conditions

·        Identifiers

·        Medications


For example, to remove Boarders in a specific Group:

1.      Go to Reports > Contact Bulk Data Management

2.      In Report Type set Groups

3.      In Contact Type set Boarders

4.      Select Load Data


When the list generates you will see a Groups filter appear above the load data button together with the editing options.

5.      Select the Group(s) that you want to alter

6.      Select the READ ONLY MODE button. This will change the state of the screen to give it editing ability

7.      Make your changes and be sure to SAVE your changes

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