ARTICLE: Create a Host in People Management

ARTICLE: Create a Host Manually in People Management

Create a Host

1. Go to People Management > View Contacts
2. Click New Contact

Personal Tab

When creating the new contact, please be sure to include, First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile and Default Language for the host.

Security Tab

1. Select the Role of Host
2. If you have Hosts logging into Reach, you can assign them a Username (usually an email address). If Hosts are approving ONLY by email, leave Username field blank.

Associations Tab

You need to associate the host with a boarder.  To do so: 
1. Click New Association

2. Person to Associate is the Name of the Boarder
3. Select "Host as the Type of Association
4. Allow Communications must be set to YES for the Host to receive an email to approve leave requests

Be sure to save BOTH the Association AND the newly created user. 

This newly created Host is now Associated with a Boarder and will appear in the dropdown the next time that boarder applies for a leave.

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