ARTICLE: Duty Report Templates

ARTICLE: Duty Report Templates

Duty Report Templates allows for the customization of displaying different Report Categories based on what type of Duty Report is being submitted.  Examples might be an End of Shift Duty Report for Dorm Staff, Library Study Hall Staff End of Shift, or a report for Administrators on Duty to summarize their time on duty.  See the following articles in advance of creating Duty Report Templates to create any additional Duty Report Categories that may be required.

Once you have your Duty Report Categories configured, you can then create Duty Report Templates in System Configurations > Duty Report Templates

Select Add Template and configure the name and categories to include in the template.  Be sure to Save Changes in the Duty Report Template Details configuration page and Save Changes again in the Duty Report Templates configuration page, too.

You can set which template is the default Duty Report Template that will populate when a staff opens up to create a new Duty Report by going to System Configurations > General and set the Default Duty Report Template.

The set Default Template will populate each time a staff member opens Submit Duty Report from the Staff menu.  To select a different template, open the Report Template drop down menu and select from the list of templates provided.

Shared Duty Reports for Staff to Inform will display the Report Template name at the top of the Duty Report email.  When viewing submitted and saved drafts of Duty Reports in StaffView Duty Reports, the Template type will be displayed in the Template column.

Duty Report visibility setting can be managed in Infinity settings to allow staff to see their Duty Reports they submitted and all duty reports that they're included on as Staff to Inform.  Here's what those permission settings should look like when configuring to accomplish that restriction:

  1. If you want someone to see all and every duty report, even one's they're not included in the staff to inform or they didn't submit the duty report themselves, then 7-941, MM_VIS_STAFF, 7-044, VIEW_OTHERS_EOS, and 7-043, MM_VIS_STAFF_VIEWEOS need to be enabled.
  2. If you want someone to not be able to see any submitted duty reports, including any that they submitted or were included as staff to inform, then they should not have 7-044, VIEW_OTHERS_EOS, and 7-043, MM_VIS_STAFF_VIEWEOS as permissions.
  3. 7-043, MM_VIS_STAFF_VIEWEOS allows for users to see all duty reports and drafts they created and see all Duty reports they were included as Staff to Inform when the report was submitted.

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