ARTICLE: How to Activate QR Codes

ARTICLE: How to Activate QR Codes

You can activate QR codes on standard kiosks (How to Setup a Kiosk), on Biopads and on either device for unattended rollcalls.

Setting the QR codes to appear on Kiosk screens

Simply go to System Configuration > QR Codes and switch on whichever settings you want to apply.
  1. Kiosk Standard mode is the standalone kiosk with faces appearing
  2. Kiosk Headless mode is the standalone kiosk with faces hidden
  3. BioPad Standard mode is Biopad screens with faces appearing
  4. BioPad Headless mode is Biopad screens with faces hidden
  5. Unattended rollcalls setting will apply to both Kiosk and BioPad unattended rollcalls

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