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Attendance Writeback

Schools use a variety of methods to record attendance at school whether it is mandatory school attendance or for an event or activity. Reach provides several ways that attendance can be recorded, from student self-registration through to staff on a mobile device but schools increasingly need to collate the marks recorded into their MIS.

Reach now gives you the ability to take a roll call in Reach and automatically submit the completed registration simultaneously into Reach and iSAMS.

Any iSAMS school that has Reach and uses direct integration can request to have iSAMS attendance writeback enabled at no cost, just raise a support ticket and our support team will do the rest.


How do I set this up?

Once writeback is enabled you will have the ability to pick which Reach Roll Call will write attendance back into iSAMS. This is then accessed in Reach via:

Main Menu > System Configuration > View System Configuration > Roll Call Categories

The above option will appear in the configuration for each individual Roll Call Category that you have setup within your Reach portal.

Ticking the box above will then present you with a number of configuration settings that you will need to set up in order for Reach to know what marks taken as part of this particular roll call are to be ‘Mapped’ to the corresponding registration in iSAMS with the correct marks recorded. This ensures that the marks you give as part of your Reach Roll Call are recorded in iSAMS correctly in the correct place.

The first thing that needs to be set is which iSAMS Registration Rule ID is to be used for this Reach Roll Call, clicking on the dropdown box will give you the options from iSAMS to pick.



Next you will need to enter the iSAMS Registration Period that you want this Reach Roll Call to submit to.

Finally, you will need to tell Reach what iSAMS registration marks should be used for the corresponding marks given in the Reach Roll Call.

Setting which mark is recorded in iSAMS is just a case of clicking on the box to the right of the Reach Roll Call mark, in the below case , and then selecting from the options that come from iSAMS in the dropdown list. 



And that’s all, when finished don’t forget to ‘Save Category’ and your roll call now will automatically submit your marks into iSAMS.




·         iSAMS Direct Integration

·         Writeback Enabled

Please contact Reach Support by sending an email to: if you are not sure that you have these in place, and we will be happy to check and enable if required at no cost.

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