iSAMS Direct Integration

ARTICLE: iSAMS Direct Integration setup


iSAMS direct integration

Many thanks for selecting Reach, one of the first tasks that we need to perform as part of the initial set up is the integration with your iSAMS Management Information System. Integration with iSAMS will provide a safe, secure, and accurate means of ensuring that you have the correct student information in Reach. Having direct integration between Reach and iSAMS means that you will not have to manually enter or keep updating information about the students such as their home address, contact numbers, year and house groups as well as parents’ details as the integration will manage this automatically for you saving valuable time.

How do I set this up?

In order to facilitate the direct integration with your school iSAMS instance to your Reach  platform we will need the iSAMS contact at your school to raise an iSAMS support request asking for a REST API key and  associated information so that we can then configure the integration at our end. 

 The instruction from iSAMS support:
 ‘REACH is a group we do have links with as one of our enterprise integration partners. Most of these software suppliers that are integration partners work with iSAMS via either  Batch API or REST API keys, depending on their needs. Some use a combination of  both.’

‘REACH use a REST API Key. REST API differs from Batch API in that you have to request the REST API keys manually by raising a ticket to us at iSAMS specifically requesting the  REST type API key and advising us which integrator the key is for (in this case,  REACH). We pass the request along, and it is handled by our Integrations Manager and  Developers.’

When you have completed this you should get an email from iSAMS support with a one time  link and an API key, could you please copy and paste these into a word document along  with your school iSAMS URL.


Please then upload the Word document to our secure drop site:

Once uploaded please raise a support ticket with Reach by email at: stating your school’s name and that you have uploaded the document, our technicians will then retrieve the details and once we have the integration setup we will be back in touch.


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