ARTICLE: Leave Terms and Conditions Documents

ARTICLE: Leave Terms & Conditions Documents

REACH allows you to attach a document and statement to requests for leave authorizations to parents and hosts so that your school's Terms and Conditions are accessible to and recognized by parents and hosts when they are approving leave.

Passive Approval

The default behavior of REACH leave authorization requests that are sent to parents and hosts includes a hyperlink on the notification that links to your Terms & Conditions document. The following approval statement with a hyperlink to your Terms & Conditions document is provided as part of the approval procedure;

Please note that by approving this Leave Request you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to  SCHOOL NAME Terms and Conditions for Leave.

This is a passive approval because there is no forced display or reading of the T&C document and, like many T&C documents that we are exposed to, it it possible, and even likely, that the terms are not in fact being read by the parent or host.

Compulsory T&C Acknowledgement

A compulsory acknowledgement workflow is available as an enhancement for improved due diligence procedure.

You can make it compulsory for the recipient of any Request for Approval to acknowledge that they have read and understood your Terms and Conditions document as a requirement for the approval. You can implement this feature at each approval level of the leave request procedure so it is possible, for example, to not require this of parents but to require it from Hosts (non-parent hosts) if you are including Hosts in your approval workflow.

‚ÄčThis is a recommended procedure for non-parent hosts as a due diligence measure to protect your school.

Implementing the Must Accept T&C feature for non-parent hosts will improve your due diligence procedures in the following ways
  1. It will ensure that your Leave T&C policies are presented as part of the approval procedure for non-parent hosts
  2. It will ensure that those hosts are acknowledging that they understand and accept their responsibilities in your Leave T&C policies
  3. It will ensure that only hosts that accept your Leave T&C policies can participate in student leave

How it works
When the Must Accept T&C setting is activated, the approver will be taken to a landing page when they attempt to approve the leave request. 
At this point the approver is required to tick the acknowledgement box to confirm that they accept the school's Terms & Conditions of Leave Policy in its entirety. Note that the approver cannot access the Approve button for the leave request unless they accept the terms set out in the Terms & Conditions document provided. 

SMS Notifications where T&C acknowledgement is compulsory

We do not recommend SMS or PUSH for compulsory acknowledgement requirements because there is no way to ensure that the user can access the required material. 
Many phone users do not have, or do not know how to use, mobile data access to the internet from their phone. Others too may have restricted access due to phone data plan limitations. 
Compulsory terms acknowledgement "relies on" internet access for the document to be accessed.

Terms & Conditions Documents

Uploading your document
To load your T&C document add the file via the Data Management > File Manage r option (this option may not be available for all users to access). We recommend that you add a folder for Policies and load the document to that folder. This way you can have a dedicated folder for your policy documents for future use in REACH.

Implementing your T&C document
To implement your T&C document into your leave request forms g
o to System Configuration - Leave General - Terms and Conditions Document and map this setting to your file location in the REACH File Manager.

Implementing a different T&C document for a Leave Type
There is a T&C Document override feature in your Leave Type configuration that allows you to replace the standard T&C document with a specific document for any Leave Type. 
Go to System Config > Leave Types and in your Leave Type General Settings you will find the Override Terms & Conditions field. 
Simply upload you override T&C document to this field and it will replace your standard T&C document for this Leave Type only.

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