ARTICLE: Live Rollcall with NFC and QR

ARTICLE: Live Rollcall with NFC and QR

Live Rollcall with NFC and QR
The advantage to using Live Rollcall is that the rollcall is collaborative and multiple staff can participate in accounting for students in real-time.  By managing a Live Rollcall with the use of NFC tags and/or QR codes, students have the ability to efficiently account for themselves in the Live Rollcall.

First, make sure that NFC/QR capabilities are enabled in the Reach app through System Configurations > QR and NFC settings. (3715 Show QR on Mobile App and 3716 Show NFC on Mobile App)

Program NFC Tag for a Live Rollcall

To program an NFC tag for use with a Live Rollcall, log into your Reach app and navigate to the "More" section.

Select "Program NFC"

Toggle the Select Type to "Live Rollcall"

Select the Associated Entity for which Live Rollcall to associate the NFC tag with, select which Staff will be logged as accounting for students being accounted for by the NFC tag during the Live Rollcall, and if required, select Present Location to be used for updating students' location when marked present for Live Rollcall.

Name the NFC tag (this will be displayed in the Rollcall Note when reporting on historical Rollcalls), assign a security code using the randomize button, and then select Write before tapping the NFC to the back of the phone being used to program.

Managing a Live Rollcall with NFC

To use a programed NFC tag with a Live Rollcall, open Live Rollcall, select the category.  Students will use their phone with the Reach app to check in for the Rollcall by selecting the NFC SISO button on their home screen and will then tap their phone to the NFC tag.


Managing a Live Rollcall with Dynamic QR

To utilize the Dynamic QR with a Live Rollcall, open Live Rollcall, select a Rollcall Category and select "Show Dynamic" to launch the dynamic QR code.  A new QR code will cycle every 10 seconds to minimize opportunities for reproduction of the QR code.

Students will use their phone with the Reach app to check in for the Rollcall by selecting the QR SISO button on their home screen and will then point their camera at the QR code.  Students marked present will be highlighted green in the Dynamic QR window.  You can open the QR in a separate window to hide student attendance status from being visible to students as they scan the QR code.

Notation of NFC/QR Live Rollcall

Students marked present via NFC or QR will also include a note with the rollcall mark stating whether they used Dynamic QR or a specific NFC tag to check into the Live Rollcall.  These note logs are visible in the Live Rollcall by hovering over the staff initials box, in the Student Sidebar's Rollcall History by hovering over the attendance mark, or in the Student Attendance Over Time report in Reporting > Instant Reports when using the Numeric with Notes output format.


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