ARTICLE: Manage Leave - Edit and Approving Leave Requests

ARTICLE: Manage Leave - Edit and Approving Leave Requests

REACH allows you the ability to view current and historical leaves, including their status' of pending, approved and rejected.  You can view a snapshot of pending and approved leaves on the Activity Metrics widget found in the Metrics View screen and access Manage Leave by selecting Leave Management > Manage Leave

Show/Hide allows for quick access filters for Approved, Pending, On Leave and Rejected will populate a list of leaves with the corresponding status when selected.  Along the top right of the screen, you have the ability to search, filter and sort by way of additional details.

Selecting a leave will expand to display the leave's details, including the main details of the leave request, if any special meals accommodations were scheduled due to the leave timing, notes entered regarding the leave and the complete audit trail of the leave's approval process.

Editing a Leave Request

Selecting the edit button in the top left corner of the Leave Details will allow you to make edits to an existing leave request's details (ability to make edits is set by your school's user accessibility setting and may not be accessible for everyone).  Any edits made will be logged with an 'O' for Override in the Leave Audit Trail sections and will log which staff made edits and the date/time that occurred. 
Note: Any edits made to a pending leave request will trigger a resubmission of the leave for approval from all actors involved.

Approving a Leave Request

To approve a leave request, you can do so a few different ways:

  1. Directly from the Authorization Email sent to your email (settings depend on your school as to whether email notifications are enabled based on the Actor settings for that Leave Type).

  1. If it's a leave request for a student that you are associated with based on your Groups Managed settings, you will see Edit, Approve and Reject when you expand a leave request in Manage Leave.

  1. If it's a leave request for a student that you are not associated with based on your Groups Managed settings you will not see the Approval or Reject buttons in their expanded leave request in Manage Leave.  Instead, you can select to Approve by Proxy on behalf of another actor (ability to Approve by Proxy may not be available to all staff as it is based on user's Infinity configuration settings).

Approve by Proxy will require you to enter a reason for the approval and will note that reason and who the proxy approval was given by in the Leave Actor Trail.


  1. Edit Leave status via Override approval - If permitted to Edit Leave in their permission settings, any staff member can open a leave event in the Manage Leave screen (Edit button) and change the "State" field to Approved.  This is what we refer to as an "Override Approval".  Changing the State field to approved will set the leave event to an approved state regardless of the approval levels of all other participants.

An Override approval is displayed on the Manage Leave screen with an additional Green O icon added to the Actors column.  In addition, there is a note added to the Leave Audit Trail identifying who performed the Override approval. Note that Override approvals do not trigger final approval notifications.

You can disable Approval by Proxy and Override Approval in the permission settings for the individual staff member(s) in People Management > View Contacts within their Permissions tab in Contact details, or you can update the Base Security permissions for specific Roles in Reach through System Configurations > Infinity.


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