ARTICLE: Medical Appointment Leave Type Configuration

ARTICLE: Medical Appointment Leave Type Configuration

Individual Leave Types can now be associated as Medical Appointments, which will allow them to be displayed in the student's medical calendar as a schedule appointment time.

System Configurations > Leave Types

Either create a new leave type or open an existing leave type.  In the General tab, set Medical Appointment to YES and be sure to Save changes both within the Leave Type Details and again on the System Configurations: Leave Type Management Screen.

When a student creates a leave request with a leave type that is configured as a Medical Appointment, once the leave has received Final Approval the appointment will appear within the student's People Management > Medical > Appointments screen.

Ability to view the Medical Tab within People Management is based on each user's accessibility settings that are set by your Reach System Administrator.  User visibility settings can be configured either within System Configuration > Infinity settings by Base Role Type, or within individual user's People Management > Accessibility settings.  ARTICLE: Accessibility Settings and Base Security Levels

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