ARTICLE: PARENTS - How to Change a Leave Request

ARTICLE: PARENTS - How to Change a Leave Request

The Reach platform allows access to change and edit Leave Requests after they have been submitted.
As a parent, login into your portal and scroll down to the 'Historic Leave Requests', section.

Click on the pending leave item that requires an edit.
You will be provided the full 'Leave Details' page, here you can see all current details including, the approval audit trail.

The most important part to focus on, is the left half side, additionally attaching files and adding notes can also be very important, including flight itineraries.

As per the details of creating a Leave Request, these main items shown on the left are the items to edit.
Step through the items on the left as required, updating dates and times, transport, hosts, late meals.
Attach files and update the General Notes as required.
Once you have completed your edits, check the details are correct.
Click Save and confirm the pop-up. All done

NOTE: Updating Leave Request details in most cases will restart the approval process.                                                    

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