ARTICLE: How to Manage your contact details

ARTICLE: PARENTS - How to Manage your contact details

The majority of parents/hosts will either have a basic profile setup for them by the school, or they will be provided a 'Wizard-Login-Link', both of these will establish a basic profile.
Once you have a basic profile, you should have your login details, then you can manage your own details.

Login to your account

Here we can see Peggy Brown's account, as can be seen by her name and image in the top right 'Account' section.
This 'Dashboard' page may look different with your school, depending on which functions, features, and modules they have activated.
On this page we can see menu icons down the left hand side, click on each to see the options available.
There are also icons across the Header Bar Menu, providing more options, including internal messages.

In the right hand corner, click on your name.

Clicking on the personal icon will display the menu options.

The My Account option is where you manage your personal details in Reach.

The 'My Account' page provides multiple tabs to control your personal data.
PERSONAL - It is generally preferred by most schools that you provide as much detail as possible, so that it is easy to contact you regarding your child.

ADDRESS - A simple page however, can be very important for student transport details.

SECURITY - This page is specifically for you to control your login

HOSTS - This page allows you to add authorised hosts as required to your child's account

PARENT PERMISSIONS - Detailed information, please view this document -  How to manage Permissions

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