ARTICLE: People Management - Address, Metadata, Associations, Groups, Photo

ARTICLE: People Management - Address, Metadata, Associations, Groups, Photo

Once a contact profile has been created, additional information can be added at any time to enhance individual data.
Address / Metadata / Associations / Groups / Photo - these tabs within the profile will be explained here.
While data within these tabs can be used for staff, parent, host and guardian profiles, they are most relevant for students. 

Main Menu >>People Management >> View Contacts >> Profile >>  Address / Metadata / Associations / Groups / Photo

View Contacts

The People Management page presents current/active contact profiles via a table view, which can be adjusted with the filters provided.
Here you can view, collate, rank and export data as required. This page also allows the creation and bulk management of contact profiles.
To click on a line item will open the profile, across the top is a row of tab pages grouping data for the individual.

A detailed document explaining Contact Profiles can be found here: People Management - Basic overview

Address Tab

This tab is an extension of the personal tab and allows detailed address information to be captured. 

Metadata Tab

The Metadata tab is where you manage the more specific on campus data for the student, this data relates to mandatory and additional category information which is applied to students.

The Current Location field will update automatically as the student is moved between locations using the kiosk.

The Dorm / Year(Grade) / Room are all managed here.

Flags are unique identifiers created and managed by your school, for example, a student could be a Basketball Academy member, or they might be part of a scholarship programme.
Flags are a way to establish additional information about a student that can be used to override the general rules in the leave approvals process.  They provide a method to link specific Leave Approvers and students in the leave approvals process.
In some schools, Indigenous or overseas students might have their own specific staff contact point. Using flags will ensure that any leave request from these students is directed to the staff member designated. (instead of other leave approvers such as a year master or house master). A flag only works when the appropriate staff member is set with the same flag.

The Master Control Flag is an override system, and is used in conjunction with Flags. This control overrides the flags that have been set to allow this contact to match everyone so that a leave approver is notified even if they do not have the same flag set in their configuration.

Tags are relevant to your school and are used as required.

Associations Tab

The Associations tab is where you connect the parents and authorised hosts and guardians that are associates of that student.
Associations play a critical role in the Reach system, as they determine with who students are permitted to go on leave with.

Adding an association is a simple 3 step process once you clink on the new association button.
               1. Select the person from the drop down menu.
               2. Select the association type
               3. Set whether the associate should receive notifications.
A leave request can only be created with people who are associated with a student. (Connected within the Reach portal)
If a parent has added a new host, and the that host has not been associated with the student, then leave cannot be created with that host.
 - the host must be connected to the student here in associations, so as to have their name appear in the leave request creation page.

Groups Tab

The Groups tab is where you manage the connections that a student has to sport and activity groups within their student life.
This is also useful with staff profiles. Groups are created and managed by your school, and any number can be created.

Assigning users to groups is simply a matter of ticking the check box for the appropriate groups that you want them to be a member of and saving changes to their profile.

Creating and Managing Groups

System Configurations > Groups
You can create an unlimited number of groups in Reach for any collection of users you may wish to manage as a collective. 
Students can be assigned to groups that are formatted as Student groups, General groups or Sport groups.  
Staff can be assigned to groups that are formatted as Staff groups or General groups.
Parents can be assigned to groups that are formatted as General groups.

Additional information can be found with this document:  Manage Bulk Groups
System Configuration details for Groups can be found here:  Setup Groups

Photo Tab

Easily upload or change the required individuals profile photo. 
Many schools choose to refresh all student photos at the start of each year, this is a simple process with the bulk photo upload.

A simple 'bulk upload' document tutorial can be found here:  Bulk Photo Upload
Alternately, view this video for standard / bulk / secure drop uploads: How to upload Photos to Profiles

Additional Profile Tutorials

The following videos provide steps to further setup and manage contact profiles;

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