ARTICLE: Reach's Circle Community - The Taproom

ARTICLE: Reach's Circle Community - The Taproom

What is Circle?

Circle is an online community whose members share common interests. In the Reach Circle, nicknamed The Taproom, we share interested in education and res life. The Taproom is organized into thematic groups, so finding your way around is easy. Think of groups as like buildings on your campus, where each one has a primary purpose. Each thematic group has its own bunch of special spaces, like rooms, where you share ideas, join discussion, ask questions, upload photos, post comments, and even attend live events!

How to Create a Circle Account to Access The Taproom

1. Community > Visit Community

Access Circle via the Community menu in your Reach portal’s left-sidebar

Access to Community is not currently available in all regions.  Please contact with any questions you may have about the availability of

To create your Circle account to access The Taproom, select Link Account

3. Accept Invitation and Create Circle Account

Select Accept invitation in the Taproom email sent to your email account so you can create your Circle profile

Your web browser will open allowing you to Join The Taproom by creating your account and creating a password for Circle and then select Accept Invitation.

Complete your Profile details, select your permission settings and select Continue to log into your Circle account.

Once you have logged into your Circle account for the first time, you can return to your Reach portal, navigate again to the Community menu in the left-sidebar and select Visit Community.  You'll now enjoy seamless access to The Taproom directly within Reach!

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