Title - ARTICLE: Remote Authorization

ARTICLE: Remote Authorization

Remote Authorization

The Remote Authorization setting allows you to choose whether Staff Pin requests should be handled by a Remote Authorization or not, during student SISO (Sign in - Sign out).

When switched ON in the System Settings, a Staff member can monitor a student Kiosk screen when not physically near the Kiosk to provide their Staff PIN remotely for a student SISO.


A Student Kiosk can be setup at the Front-Gate Security station, where School Staff are not normally present.

When a Student is ready to depart for an approved Leave event, they can Sign Out using the Kiosk, as they select 'Approved Leave' as their go-to Location on the Kiosk screen, this Location, as managed by your school, will send a PIN alert message to Staff for the Required Staff PIN, a Remote Authorization to approve the Sign Out action, as Staff are not physically present to enter their PIN into the Kiosk screen.



The Basics Explained

Staff PIN

This feature acts as a gatekeeper on your Reach Kiosk screen to ensure the student must see a staff member when Signing IN/OUT of Approved Leave events or Specified Locations, as that Location is set to Require a Staff PIN.

Example; The Reception desk where Staff are always available and can easily provide.


Student PIN

This feature prompts the Student using a Kiosk screen to enter their PIN to access specific locations managed by your school.

Example; A year/grade 12 student accessing the Senior Study Club 


Remote Authorization 

As detailed in the examples above, the Remote Authorization, once set, will send a PIN alert message to Staff for the required PIN. 

Once the Staff member receives the PIN alert, they are provided 10 or 15 secs to enter the PIN for approval.

PIN entered - If complete within time, then the student SISO is directly actioned on the Kiosk.

PIN Not entered -  If the time frame has passed, then the Staff PIN panel will appear on the Kiosk screen.



How to setup  

Location/Kiosk Settings

Settings for Locations and Kiosks Screens, within your Reach Portal, are created and managed by your school.  

Go to: System Configuration >> Locations 


An 'Approved Leave' location, set as the default sign-out location for leave events, can be configured with greater controls.

Go to: System Configurations >> General >> Pre-Approved Leave location


Staff / Student PIN Settings

Once a Location/Kiosk is setup, Staff and Student PIN details are required to be set in each individual Profile.

Go to: People Management >> View Contacts >> Personal Profile 


When setting a Personal Profile, a PIN or RFID card can be set.

PIN numbers are set in the Security Tab, and RFID Card numbers are set in the Identifiers Tab

Be sure to select Save and Close after making any changes to Contact Details.


For further assistance, please view KB ARTICLE: Staff / Student PIN Setting 

Remote Authorization

To activate the Remote Authorization, this is a quick process.

Go to: System Configurations >> General >> Remote Authorization


A drop-down box is provided with a simple YES/NO selector.

Once complete, be sure to Save and Close.



Historic Reporting

All actions within a Reach Portal are logged, this includes when a Staff or Student PIN is activated and processed from any device.

The PIN activities connected to actions identify the Student Signing Out and  Staff Member that has authorized the action, creating Audit Log references.

Go to: Reporting >> Instant Reporting


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