ARTICLE: Rollcall Categories and Times Settings

ARTICLE: Rollcall Categories and Times Settings

When configuring Standard and Live Rollcall Types in System Configurations, you do have the ability to enter in start time and end times for each Rollcall Category.  Times are not a control feature for Standard Rollcalls, however they are a controlling feature for Live Rollcalls.

For Live Rollcall, the start and end times control when the Rollcall starts (ie: can be joined by staff wanting to participate in the rollcall) and ends (ie: nobody new can join the rollcall).

For Standard Rollcall, the times have been added as a setting to enable alerts to function (this is a future feature ability where the times can act as triggers for the alerts feature).  However, the set times do not influence when the rollcall can be submitted.  All Standard Rollcall categories are visible and available for use at all times. 

In the Reach Mobile App, Staff can see which rollcalls are currently to be happening and what the next upcoming rollcall is to occur based on the configured day and time frames for each rollcall category.  This tile is viewed on the Staff's home screen of the Reach Mobile App.

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