ARTICLE: Rollcall (Standard)

ARTICLE: Rollcall (Standard)

Taking Rollcalls

Go to:  Rollcall Management >> Take Rollcall

Rollcalls and student registers can be done at any time on any device with internet connectivity.  

Important functions when taking a Rollcall

  • List or Grid View  - Switch between views using the icons at the top of your screen.
  • Filter you student list  - Select the student population that you are taking a rollcall for by using your filters. 
  • Select roll call category  - Select the roll call type for the rollcall that you are submitting
  • Student on approved leave are identified  - Students who are on an approved leave event are identified with an orange suitcase and their expected return time is listed in the Notes field (red suitcase indicates a student is late for their expected return time)
  • Mark your students as Present, Absent or use the blue middle button for any alternative status that your schools sets as your rollcall protocol.
  • Enter in pertinent notes to accompany any student's attendance mark.
  • Update Location - you can select a location from your system's location options to update the students who are marked present to a specific location in the system. (i.e. Evening Check In you can update all student locations to "Dorm" when the rollcall is submitted)
  • You "must" mark all student on your list in order to submit the rollcall.
  • You can save a partially completed rollcall and return to it.  Saving will retain the rollcall for your device login only.
  • Hide processed option will place any of your processed items to the bottom of your screen so that you can focus on the unmarked students.
  • Toggle All option allows you to mark all students on your list as present or absent.
Standard Rollcalls (those that are not Live Rollcalls) are not logged in your Reach system until the rollcall is finalized with "Submit Rollcall" after all students have been given an attendance mark.  Only one staff member can work on a Standard Rollcall, whereas Live Rollcalls are colaborative and their attendance markings are able to be viewed in real-time by other staff members participating in the same Live Rollcall.  Student Location updates in Standard Rollcall are updated until the rollcall has been finalized with "Submit Rollcall," whereas location updates in a Live Rollcall happen in real-time throughout your Reach system.