ARTICLE: Sample Welcome Letter to Parents

ARTICLE: Sample Welcome Letter to Parents

What follows is a sample letter that can be adapted and used by schools to introduce Reach to their students and parents.


Welcome to Reach!

SCHOOL has implemented the Reach Student Life Management SystemReach coordinates Leave Request procedures for School Staff, Parents, Hosts and Boarders by creating an easy to use, paperless system that you can access from anywhere at anytime and from any device.  Reach is available for you to use from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  

Reach will automate all Boarder Leave Request procedures.  It will allow you to approve or reject leave requests, submitted by your chid, through an email that you will receive.

The Process

A student will create a request to leave campus through the Reach system.  Based on our school community procedures, you may be asked to verify and give permission for a particular leave.  You will grant this permission through an email that Reach will send directly to your email's inbox.  An example of a leave a parent will receive is a "Weekend Leave Request."

For example, if you child would like to spend the night at a friend's house, you will be asked to give your implicit permission by clicking a link in an automated email.  This action is recorded by the Reach system and will inform the Dorm Parent that you have given permission for the sleepover.

Once all permission approval has been granted by parents, hosts and staff, your child will now be asked to check out when they leave for the sleepover and to check back in when they arrive back on campus.  They are permitted to leave campus with your permission and with ours.  As always, you are encouraged to communicated with the school should you have any concerns or questions.

Help and Support

Help and support is available to all SCHOOL users.  Please visit our support page at  We believe that Reach is going to make managing leave requests and approvals a whole lot easier, efficient, and more convenient for everyone involved and we hope that you enjoy using Reach.

Best Regards,

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