ARTICLE: Static QR for Locations

ARTICLE: Static QR for Locations

In addition to Dynamic QR Codes that can be used with dedicated kiosk screens, you have the ability to assign a Static QR Codes to a location, allowing for students and staff to SISO via QR Scan to locations where it might not be possible to have a device for a dedicated kiosk screen.  Dynamic QR Codes refresh every 10 seconds with a new QR Code, whereas Static QR Codes remain active until a set expiration date, allowing schools to have Static QR Codes printed and displayed in various places around their campus.

Before staff and students can scan a QR Code, you need to be sure QR Scan is enabled on the mobile app.
Go to System Configuration > QR and NFC and switch on Show QR on Mobile App.

Setting up a Static QR Code

Go to System Configuration > Locations and select the location for which you want to create a Static QR Code.
  1. Select Static QR tab at the top of Location Details.
  2. Select an Expiry Date for the QR Code.  This can always be updated to another date at a later time.  Leave the field blank if you'd like it to never expire.
  3. Select Download QR Code to export the Static QR Code for the purpose of printing it so it can be displayed at a location.
  4. Select Save Changes when you are finished making updates to this location's settings.
  5. Be sure to also select Save Changes on the System Configurations: Locations screen to save any updates you have made.

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