ARTICLE: Student App - Leaves and Quick SISO

ARTICLE: Student App - Leaves and Quick SISO

Reach Student App - Leaves and SISO

Students are able to submit their leave requests and change their location through the Reach Student Life Mobile App.  The home screen of the Reach Student App displays their current location based on SISO movements within the system.  The Activity Metrics displays a snapshot of up-coming leave requests and their approval status.

Quick SISO - Changing Locations

Students are able to change their locations within Reach by selecting Quick SISO in one of two ways; either by selecting SISO in the Current Location widget or by selecting the Location icon in the top right corner of their screen.  

The student's current location will be displayed in the banner at the top of their screen and will have a checkmark next to the location in the list below.  Based on your school's location settings, various On and Off Campus locations will be listed as options. 

To SISO to another location,  tap the new location - the student will see their location change on their home screen in the Current Location widget. 

If your school utilizes QR Codes and/or NFC tags on campus to access locations, students will see the option to change their location by scanning one of the two just below their location banner.  After a successful QR Code scan or NFC scan, the student will see confirmation of their location change. 

If your school's configuration settings allow for students to "SISO to their Next Leave" via Quick SISO, students will see above the On Campus Locations the option to "SISO to their Next Leave" which will move their location to their approved leave requests' predetermined location.

Student Quick SISO settings are configured within the Reach website portal in System Configurations to allow access to this Quick SISO Widget and whether On and/or Off Campus locations are displayed as options.  Configuration settings will also determine if students are able to SISO to their next leave, SISO when returning from a leave and if they will see QR SISO and NFC SISO widgets.  

Leave Requests

Viewing Existing Leaves

The Activity Metrics widget on the student's home screen displays the student's current Pending and Approved leaves, as well as their next upcoming leave.  Selecting Leave from the bottom menu bar will bring up the Manage Leave screen, providing an array of filter and sorting options for students to view their current and past leave requests.  Quick filtering for Approved, Pending, On Leave and Rejected leaves can be accomplished by selecting one of the 4 corresponding color rectangles at the top of Manage Leave. 

Clicking on a leave request will display a variety of options to view, including the main details of the leave request, if any special meals accommodations were scheduled due to the leave timing, notes entered regarding the leave and the complete audit trail of the leave's approval process.

Creating a New Leave Request

To create a new leave request, select the plus button in the bottom center of the screen and chose New Leave Request.  Follow the series of prompted screens to input the travel details; Leave Type, Departure and Return Dates/Times, Transportation methods, Host information, Destination and Notes, as well as if it's a reoccurring leave.  Students have the ability to select multiple legs of transportation for their departure and return.  For reoccurring leaves, select the frequency and duration that the leave plans will repeat.   Prior to submitting the leave request, review the leave details and make any changes if needed.

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