ARTICLE: Student Wellbeing Plan

ARTICLE: Student Wellbeing Plan

Student Wellbeing Plan

Reach allows you to maintain Student Wellbeing Plans as part of your student profile, record keeping and records management procedures. 

To access the Student Wellbeing Plan go to Dashboards > Student Summary.  

1.  In the student Summary Dashboard select the Wellbing Plan menu item.
2.  General comments about the student can be recorded.
3.  Focus Points or Wellbeing goals of the student can be recorded.
4.  A formal Wellbeing Plan document or other documents can be uploaded to the student's profile
5.  Wellbeing notes or regular review records can be recorded over time and displayed in the Wellbeing Plan profile. These records can be produced as a report which can be downloaded or exported from Reach.

Other tools in Reach that can help you manage your student wellbeing management include:
  1. Integrations with third party providers like Komodo, Skodel and Flourishing at School let you display results from these providers in your student profile view in Reach.
  2. Student Report Cards module lets you build your own Wellbeing report that can be easily shared with parents or maintained for staff viewing only.
  3. Reach's new Grading module lets you capture Wellbeing scoring cards for students at any time and record this to a table which records results over time.

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