ARTICLE: System Configuration Transport / Voyage

ARTICLE: System Configuration Transport / Voyage

System Configuration for Transport and Voyage 

Leave Transport Types are the methods used for students to depart and return to campus in their leave requests.
There are two (2) ways to manage Transport Type selections in Leave Requests:

1. Standard Transport Types 
  1. An unlimited number of Leave Transport Types can be created and settings adjusted to suit which Transport Type is to be used with each individual Leave Type.
2. Voyage Transport Types 
  1. The Voyage module is an extension to the Reach platform and enhances the "Leave Transport Type" and "Return Transport Type" fields. When Voyage is activated, you can create an unlimited number of transport type templates that can be used to collect and report transport information in the Voyage Transport Hub.
To access, navigate to System Configuration >> Transport Types 
KB Article: Voyage Transport Hub

Standard Transport Types 

These are the default settings for all Reach portals and an unlimited number of Leave Transport Types can be created. During setup, you have the capability to set which Leave Transport Types can be used with each individual Leave Type. The Standard Types are simply a label system that is used to identify the method of transport being used for departure or return in student Leave Requests.

How to create a New Transport Type

  1. Navigate to System Configuration >> Transport Types  - As shown in the image above
  2. Click on the green button 'Add Leave Transport Type'
  3. You are presented with a new tab window
    1. Label - This is the name given to your new Leave Transport Type
      1. Create your required Label name
    2. Direction - You can set the Transport Type to be available for returning, or leaving.
      1. Adjust as required
    3. Voyage Type - Is it a Standard Transport Type or a Voyage Transport Type? 
      1. To create Standard Transport Type, leave the selection as 'Don't Use Voyage'
  4.  Click the 'Save' button - this turns to orange when changes have been made
    1. This will save and close this tab
  5. The System Configuration tab is still open and requires action 
    1. Note that your new Leave Transport Type has been created and is listed in alphabetical order
  6. Click the orange 'Save' button in this tab to finalise your creation 
  7. A pop-up will request confirmation

How to delete a Transport Type

  1. Within the Transport Type listing screen, simply click on the Transport Type to delete
  2. This will open in a new tab window
  3. Click the red 'Delete' button at the bottom  - this will delete and close this tab
  4. The System Configuration tab is still open and requires action 
    1. Note that the deleted Transport Type has now been removed from the list 
  5. Click the orange 'Save' button in this tab to finalise your delete action
  6. A pop-up will request confirmation

Voyage Transport Types 

Voyage, an extension module that allows you to enhance the Leave Transport Type settings. Where the Voyage module is most different from the standard Transport Types in the Reach platform, is the data collection capability.  Data field information that is collected in Voyage templates for transport legs is used in Leave Requests, and to be collated into display tables for easy viewing or exporting. This data area is called the 'Voyage Transport Hub', a dashboard feature that allows you to easily build collections of common transport details, Eg: to see a list of all flights being taken for end-of-term leave departures. 
The Voyage Transport Hub is your transport dashboard, a place where you can see all journey data collated in tables by Transport Type for easy viewing, editing, exporting, and reporting.
KB Article: Voyage Transport Hub

Voyage Transport legs have multiple fields
When selecting a Voyage Transport Type as a transport method, users are presented with a number of fields representing the data that they have elected to collect.  Template fields can be set for each Voyage Transport Type to determine which information is collected.

Users can add multiple transport legs to a Leave Request
When the Voyage module is activated users can add multiple transport legs to a Leave Request in the Voyage module, this enables the collection of all details of those multi-leg journeys such as connecting flights.
If your school has not added the Voyage extension module to your Reach Portal  OR  Voyage is turned off, the Voyage configuration options will be disabled.

Configuring Voyage Transport Types 

Use Voyage - Selecting this option will enable all Voyage controls and set the data collection template that you want to use for the transport type. This is the set of data fields that will be displayed to the user when the Voyage Transport Type is selected. It will be used to collect the relevant data so Reach can then display the details in the Voyage Transport Hub.
KB Article: Voyage Transport Hub

Template - Select one or build your own. There are three (3) preset templates that you can use to build your Voyage Transport Type, when a template is selected and applied, the preset fields for that template will be displayed. Alternately, you can create templates from scratch by not selecting any template and adding the Field Types required.  
NOTE: How to create a New Transport Type Template and add Field Types is explained in a following section

Field Type - Adjusting the preset template field types or adjusting the field types you created. Use the coloured icons;
  1. Edit - You can edit the Label name
  2. Trash Bin - Delete that line item
  3. Up/Down Arrows - Adjust the order of items Up/Down in which the existing data fields appear
  4. Mandatory - Click this red icon to change status as required, Red - Not Mandatory to Green - Mandatory 
NOTE: How to Add New Field Types to an Existing Template or a new Template is explained in a following section 

Voyage Type setup screen explained 
  1. Label - This Leave Transport Type has been created and Labeled 'Flight Return'
  2. Direction - has been selected as 'Returning'
  3. Voyage Type - has been switched on, by selecting 'Use Voyage' 
  4. Template - the 'Flight Booking' template has been selected and applied
  5. Field Type - in this example, creating more Field Types is not required, as the listed Labels at the bottom are part of the template 'Flight Booking' 
  6. Field Type list - this section shows the pre-created items for this template

Managing Templates and New Field Types 

How to create a New Transport Type Template and add Field Types

  1. Navigate to System Configuration >> Transport Types  - As shown in the image above
  2. Click on the green button 'Add Leave Transport Type'
  3. Create a Label name relevant to your requirements
  4. Adjust the Direction selector as required
  5. Adjust the Voyage Type selector to 'Use Voyage' - this enables Voyage functionality
  6. Keep the Template menu at the item 'Select' - this enables you to create your own Template

Add Field Types
The Field Type menu selector provides options that allow you to control the type of information required in that field when being used within Leave Management.
The menu options are explained as follows; 
  1. Text - Provides a field to enter free text - your Label name is the prompt to enter this text. Eg; Destination
  2. Date - Provides the pop-up Date/Time selector to enter details
  3. Yes/No Selector - The Field name (question) is the prompt, Eg: Pickup Required (Yes/No)  
  4. Dropdown/Single Selector - Provides a menu to select from, use the orange Settings Cog Icon to create your menu items

How to Add New Field Types to an Existing Template 

Once you have opened the Voyage Transport Type you wish to adjust, there are three (3) preset templates to which you can add additional Field Types. Under the header Template, you can see the selected template, once selected and applied, the preset fields for that template will be displayed.
Add New Field Types
  1. Using the Field Type dropdown menu, select the Field Type that you want to add. 
  2. Click the green 'Add Field' button, your new Field will directly add to the bottom of the list as 'New Leg'
    1. To edit the Label of the new Field, click the green Edit Icon, a pop-up will appear, enter the required name and click 'Apply Changes' 
  3. Manage the position of the new field item by using the green Up / Down Arrows to move it within the list
  4. If you decide a particular line item is no longer needed, simply click the green Trash bin icon - delete
  5. If a field is required to be Mandatory information for submission of the leave request, click on the Red 'Not Mandatory' button, this will change to green Mandatory, with a check mark
Revert Fields 
  1. This blue button will delete all listed Field Types under that Template
    1. A fast way to start fresh
When finished with creating and editing, click the Save button on this page and also on the System Configuration page to save any changes/updates you made.  
When a Voyage Transport Type is saved, it will become available in the Leave Request form for users, if it is set as one of the Transport Types that are permitted for a particular leave type.

Leave Management and Transport Types

Leave Transport Details

When the Voyage module is activated there is a modified user interface and behaviour in leave creation, leave editing and leave notifications procedures.  

To access, navigate to Leave Management >> Create New Leave Request  

Users can utilise both Standard Transport Types and Voyage Transport Types in Leave Request forms when Voyage is active.  The difference with a Voyage Transport Type is that it includes a form (created Field Types) for the collection of additional information related to the transport type.
As can be seen in the image below, Standard and Voyage Types, in the dropdown Transport Details menu, are separated for fast selection. Once an item has been selected, the Field Type listings will appear beneath this selector. Click the arrow to show or hide the data field for that selection. The Transport Type 'Flight Depart' has been selected, to the right of the example image, the Field Types can be seen. 

Multiple Transport Legs

When using Voyage, the Departure and Return Transport Type fields of the Leave Request form will allow users to add multiple transport legs to their departure and arrival journeys, using the +Add Leg button. Each leg allows the user to select a Transport Type and users can select either Standard or Voyage Transport Types for each individual leg.

When a transport method is selected, a Settings Cog Icon will appear beside each transport leg that is selected, as can been seen in the image above, click this icon to move the item up or down the journey schedule or to delete the transport leg from the list. 
The +Add Leg button allows you to add additional transport legs to a departure or return journey.  A new transport dropdown menu is added, allowing the user to select the transport method for the new leg. 

If the Transport Type selected for a new leg is a Voyage Transport Type, then the form displaying all the required fields for that Voyage Transport Type will appear below the selector and users can then add the relevant details as required. Any data that is added by the user will remain visible in the Leave Item Details view and it will also become visible in the Voyage Transport Hub. 

The Side arrow icon beside a Voyage transport type will open or close the form details from view.

Upon saving a Leave Request, the list of Transport Types, their order, and any information entered into Voyage forms will remain saved to that leave request.
KB Article: Voyage Transport Hub

When Voyage is turned off, the "+Add Leg" button, as well as the buttons to reorder and delete legs are hidden from the user.

When a Transport Type selector is changed to a Transport Type that has had a Voyage form configured, but Voyage has since been turned off, the form will display, but the user will not be able to enter data for that form.

Manage Leave - View Transport Details 

To view the transport details for any created Leave Request, navigate to Leave Management >> Manage Leave, using the search filters as necessary to find the required Leave item, then click on that line item, it will expand to reveal all available information. Click on the blue 'View Transport Details' button, to open the pop-up window, any associated information connected to Transport Types used in that Leave Request will be shown in this viewing window.

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