ARTICLE: Unattended Rollcall

ARTICLE: Unattended Rollcall

Reach provides an option for rollcalls to be configured to automatically run based on a time of day and can be set to display on an unattended kiosk or on a staff's device.

Configuring a Recurring Unattended Rollcall (BioPad Only)

Navigate to System Configurations > Rollcall Categories and select + Add Category

1. Name your Rollcall Category
2. Select the Standard for the type of rollcall 
3. Select the days of the week for which this unattended rollcall will occur
4. Enter a start time and and end time for your unattended rollcall
5. Select the kiosk account(s) that will automatically display the unattended rollcall on the configured days and times
BioPads are the only devices able to set a Kiosk account to automatically go into URC mode at the recurring scheduled time.  Kiosk Accounts on other devices are not able to be configured to automatically run an URC at this time.

Be sure to select Save Category once you have selected your settings and also make sure you select Save Changes on the System Configuration: Rollcall Category Management screen.  This will ensure that your updates are saved in the system and push the updates live.

Configuring a One-Time Unattended Rollcall

Navigate to Rollcall Management Start Unattended Rollcall 

When using this method, the Unattended Rollcall will appear on the device that this set-up is completed on exclusively
  1. Set your Start Date and Time and your End Date and Time for your Unattended Rollcall
  2. Select your Rollcall Category - these selections are populated by your pre-set Rollcall types that are configured in System Configurations > Rollcall Categories
  3. Accounted for students' locations can be updated to a specific location at the submission of the unattended rollcall by selecting a Location from the drop down.  These selections are populated by your pre-set Locations that are configured in System Configurations > Locations
  4. The Unattended Rollcall will be filtered to all students unless you select filtering options for Dorm, Grade, Group and/or Location
  5. Select whether to Lock the Screen of the device at the start time of the Unattended Rollcall and subsequently unlock at the end time of the Unattended Rollcall
  6. Set whether you require Student PINs to be entered by the students when they mark their attendance via Unattended Rollcall
  7. Select Set
    Rollcall once you have entered in all of your setting requirements.  You will be prompted with a message summarizing when your scheduled Unattended Rollcall's start and end dates and times. 

Using the Unattended Rollcall

Once a scheduled Unattended Rollcall commences, the device's screen will display a list of students required to check in on the right-hand side of the screen and will display the names of students who have checked in on the left-hand side of the screen.  A red bar appears at the top of the screen indicating the time remaining until the completion of the Unattended Rollcall.

  1. If you have enabled QR Code on Unattended Rollcall, it will display in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.  Students will then launch the Reach app, select SISO from their home screen and select QR Scan, and then point their phone's camera to the QR Code.  The scan will register their attendance and move their name from the right-hand column to the left-hand column on the screen.  See ARTICLE: How to Activate QR Codes
  2. If you have configured RFID cards and have the device connected to a USB RFID Scanner, students will scan their ID cards and the scan will register their attendance and move their name from the right-hand column to the left-hand column on the screen.  See ARTICLE: Using Student ID Cards in Reach
  3. If you have configured biometrics with thumb scans and have the device connected to a fingerprint scanner, the students will scan their thumb prints and the scan will register their attendance and move their name from the right-hand column to the left-hand column on the screen.  See ARTICLE: How to Record Fingerprint Information in Reach

If you have selected to Use Student PINs in the configuration of the Unattended Rollcall, selecting # Use Pin will display a number keypad for students to enter in their unique student PIN.

When the set end-time occurs, the Unattended Rollcall will automatically submit, and if it had been configured to update a location, all accounted for students' locations will then update in your Reach system.
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