ARTICLE: Update Existing Staff Account Settings

ARTICLE: Update Existing Staff Account Settings

There are instances where existing Staff members at a school will change positions or responsibilities from one school year to the next.  When this occurs, you do not need to create a new Reach user account for an existing Reach user.  You may need to update some settings in their account configurations to ensure they have visibility within the system to what they should see.

Go to: People Management > View Contacts 

  1. Search for the Staff and select their profile.  Update any Personal or Address information that may have changed by navigating to the corresponding tabs.  
  2. Select the Security tab and change the Role type from the down menu if a change in role is warranted.

  1. Select the Groups tab and change any associated Staff or General Groups that the staff is either needing to become a part of or needing to be removed from.

  1. Select the Groups Managed tab and make any necessary changes to which Dorms and Grades the staff needs to be associated with for Leave Approval process.  This will also determine which dorms and grades are the default filters for the staff member when they open various screens and dashboards in Reach, such as Rollcall, Kiosk, Student Locator and Manage Leave.

  1. Select the Accessibility tab and make any necessary updates to the staff's individual permissions.  If you had changed their Role type in the Security tab, then the staff member's new Accessibility permission settings will become the settings that are associated with the Base Role type's Infinity Setting (see System Configuration > Infinity to view current Base Role type settings in your system).  If you don't need to change the staff's Role type, but they are changing their responsibilities within the school and require more or less access in Reach, you can manually adjust the individual user's Accessibility settings without adjusting the Base Role type's settings.

Be sure to select Save or Save and Close once you have made all of your necessary changes/updates to the Staff's Contact Details.  If you get stuck, or you have any questions, please email for further assistance.

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