ARTICLE: Using Student ID Cards in Reach

ARTICLE: Using Student ID Cards in Reach

Reach allows you to use student identity cards to verify student identities when operating the SISO Kiosk or an Unattended Rollcall.

Using the student ID cards is limited to the Kiosk screen and Unattended Rollcall at present and it requires a card reading device that can act as a proxy keyboard for Reach.  These are generally a plug-and-play device that simply plugs into the USB port of your touchscreen or kiosk device. 
Please reference the brand and type of your ID cards to be sure the RFID USB scanner you use is compatible with your student ID cards.

When a student swipes their card the system verifies their identity.  This allows you to run the kiosk screen as either a kiosk or as a headless kiosk (ie: not showing any students) and ensures that a student can only access their own details for SISO movements.

How to Set Up:

To link the student profile with their RFID ID card, place the card's identity code in the student profile in the Identifiers tab > New Identifier.  We can bulk upload a list of your students' identity codes if you want to provide a csv file and upload to  Be sure to include the student PK Number for each student, as well.

For using RFID readers and Student IDs for dedicated Kiosk, the process is works as follows:
  1. If wanting a Headless Kiosk, be sure to set your Kiosk view to Headless Kiosk = YES in your System Configurations > General
  2. Students then swipe their Student ID card to bring up their profile and SISO as required.
  3. Staff identifier cards can be used to scan to approve a student for SISO movements where Staff PIN is required (off campus/on campus movements - see System Configurations > Locations for specific settings. Staff card identifiers would also need to be imported into the staff profiles for this ability to work.
  4. Where Boarder/Student Pins are configured for locations or SISO to Leave movements, students swiping their Student ID will provide the authentication for them to complete the action through the Kiosk.

For using RFID readers and Student IDs for Unattended Rollcall the process is works as follows:

  1. Configure your Unattended Rollcall(s).
  2. When an Unattended Rollcall is in progress, students swipe their ID card to register their attendance during the designated Unattended Rollcall.

QR Codes can also be utilized in an Unattended Rollcall for students to scan via the Reach Student Life Management mobile app.  Configure this setting by going to System Configurations > QR and NFC and enabling Show QR on Unattended Rollcall.  Be sure to also enable the ability for the QR Scan button to be visible in the Reach Student Life Management app by going to System Configurations > QR and NFC  and enabling Show QR on Mobile App.

Additional authentication articles for NFC, QR and Biometrics:

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