COVID-19 Contact Tracing in the REACH Portal

COVID-19 Contact Tracing in the REACH Portal

In the unfortunate situation where a student receives a positive COVID-19 test, you may need to build a list of students that have likely come into contact with while they were asymptomatic.

Boarder Summary

  1. Navigate to Dashboards > Boarder Summary
  2. Search for the student
  3. Under Navigation on the left side of the screen, click SISO.
You will see the locations that this student has SISO'd (Signed in and Signed Out) to in a timeline view.

Click the Eye icon next to an entry to see a list of students that SISO'd to that location within plus/minus five minutes of this student

Instant Reports

Instant Reports allow you to pull various kinds of data from your portal.  In the sidebar, navigate to Reporting > Instant Reports.

SISO Summary

You can view all locations where a student has been or who has been in a particular location by setting the filters at the top of the screen.

SISO Contact Tracing

You can view the total amount of time that a student has spent in the same REACH location as another.

You can view how that time is calculated and view the actual time overlaps by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Be mindful when viewing these reports.  The REACH portal is not able to determine whether students were actually within 2 meters or 6 feet of each other.  Currently, we are only able to determine that they were in the same REACH location.

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