ARTICLE: Pre-Approved Leave Location

ARTICLE: Pre-Approved Leave Location

Staff will see all locations except for:
  1. Any location that is being restricted by curfews at the time, and
  2. The location that is set in your configuration as the default sign out location for leave events (this is set in System Configurations > GeneralPre-Approved Leave location)
    • The only way to place a student in this default sign out location is to sign a student out to an approved leave request.
    • It is not visible on any kiosk screens as SISO location to select, it displays only as a location on the display screen so you can track how many students are at this location (ie: currently on an approved leave request)

To summarise,
  • all students signing out to an approved leave item will be placed at the "Pre-Approved Leave Location" set in your system config
  • the designated "Pre-Approved Leave location" cannot be selected as a SISO location in any kiosk view. It exists as a generic destination location for approved leave sign outs
  • you can select any location to be your "Pre-Approved Leave Location" in your system config setting
  • you can set any leave type(s) to assign students to a location that is different to the Pre-Approved Leave Location on the Leave type configuration screen for each leave type (System ConfigurationsLeave Type > General Tab > SISO Location).

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