Flexi-time for Quickleave locations

ARTICLE: Flexi-time for Quick Leave Locations

Flexi-time for Quickleave locations

When creating Quick-Leave locations you are required to set a default permitted time for the student at sign out and this is used to set the "return time" for a student when they sign out to the Quick-Leave event.  When Flexi-time is activiated for a location.

Important facts about Flexi-time for Quick Leave locations

  • Flexi-time can be turned on or off for each individual SISO location in the location configuration settings.
  • Flexi-time will only operate for locations when there are default leave settings configured for the SISO location.
  • Flexi-time will adhere to any Return Curfews that you have set for a location ... return time cannot be added past any return Curfew that exists.
  • The Flexi-time sign-out panel will only display in the kiosk view for locations that Flexi-time is activated

Flexi-time SISO Panel

 The Flexi-time SISO panel will appear on the Kiosk screen at sign out when Flexi-time is enabled for a SISO location.

  1.  The Default time that is set in the Quick Leave details for the location.
  2.  Return Time Curfew is the latest return time permitted for the location.
  3.  Return Time is the current return time that will be applied for this SISO.
  4.  Add Time buttons allow you to add parcels of time to the Return Time (this will be limited by Return Curfew). 

How to enable Flexi-time for a SISO location

The Flexi-time option is a standard setting for all SISO locations and appears on the Details tab of the Locations Details screen when configuring locations details.
(Find it at ... System Configuration > Locations > Select your location)

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