ARTICLE: How to Create Leave Request - Parent/Host

ARTICLE: How to Create Leave Request - Parent/Host

The Reach platform provides a simple and easy method for parents to create/edit/delete Leave Requests as required.

You can create a Leave Request by selecting the Create Leave Request button on your home page in the Running Leave Log or by opening the Leave Page from the main menu.

Selecting the Create Leave Request button will open the Leave Request Details screen which sets out the details for a leave request update or submission.

  • Boarder Name is the name of the student for whom leave is being requested
  • Leave Type is the type of leave you are requesting from the drop down menu (these are created and managed by your school)
  • Leave Departure Time is the time and date that the student intends to depart from the school
    Note: Some leave types may have pre-set restrictions on when they can be taken and this will be reflected in the departure time that can be selected for that leave type
  • Method of Transport (Departing) is a drop down selector. Select the most appropriate transport method being used for the student's departure from school
  • Return Time is the time and date that the student is expected to return to the school boarding house
  • Method of Transport (Returning) is a drop down selector. Select the most appropriate transport method being used for the student's return to school
  • Hosts are only parents and pre-approved guardians who are already created in the Reach system and associated with the student
    If the host that you want to select for a leave event is not on the selection list this is because either
    • the host has not been created in the Reach system or
    • they have not been associated (connected) with the student as an approved host
    Details regarding this process, please view this document - How to add a New Host
  • Destination is the leave destination. Keep this description short and descriptive
  • Notes is the field where you can enter any relevant details relating to this leave request that may be helpful for the Boarding Staff to manage this request appropriately
  • Attached Files is the section that allows for the uploading of relevant documents for the travel plans.  This could include a confirmation for a flight, train or bus
  • Leave Additional Information is the section that provides a summary of the leave request key details for quick reference
  • Recursion is the section for indicating if this is a repeating event and the frequency of the repeated event. Creating a recurrence, will auto produce this same leave request as per the frequency  
  • Leave Audit Trail provides a list of people involved in the request and approval for any event and any actions that they have taken for the event
  • Save / Cancel / Delete - Be sure to save your leave request when you have completed and checked your details

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