ARTICLE: Manage Leave Icons Explained

ARTICLE: Manage Leave Icons Explained

The Manage Leave screen is the epicentre of the leave module. All leave items will be displayed on this screen from the moment they are created until the moment that it is completed with a Sign In / Sign Out (SISO) or if unused when the return time has elapsed.

The Basics

Go to:  Dashboards >> Manage Leave

Once you have logged into your Reach portal and have opened the Manage Leave screen, you will be presented with action buttons, filters, and a table listing the leave Items currently in your system. These three main sections provide the functionality to quickly and easily manage all facets of the leave Items for your student population. Your 'Groups Managed' settings determine the pre-filtered listing to be presented.

Buttons and Filters

  1. Add New Leave button opens the Leave Details page to create leave for a student
  1. Toggle All allows you to select all line items for quick bulk actions
  1. Bulk Actions button shows a quick menu to Approve or Reject those line items selected
  1. Show/Hide button provides a quick menu option to select Approved/Pending/Rejected/On Leave
  1. Columns drop-down allows you to select/deselect any/all columns to filter the view of the table listing
  1. Drop-down filters Houses/Year-Grade/Locations/Groups/All Leave Types, the items in each list are all created/managed by your school
  1. Up/Down arrows in each column header used to filter the table by that selected column
  1. Search Bar provided for a swift, direct search to find leave items for a particular student
  2. Invert All button on the table listing selects all available listings for bulk actions

Section Breakdown

This helpful image explains the most critic elements of the Manage Leave screen, with additional information further down.

Permission State
The State column indicates the current status of the Leave Item with corresponding colours;
  1. Pending Approved Rejected On Leave
Approval Actors
Actors are those that play a part in fully approving the Leave Request.
The Actors column displays the role types required to approve that particular leave item, the colour indicates the current status, hover your mouse over an icon to view the details of each actor.

Leave Attributes
The Properties column can indicate many different pieces of information by default or by staff creation, again, you can hover to view the details per icon.
Many examples are provided via this article: Screen and Icons, here are a few;
  1. A recurring leave item is setup when creating the leave request
  2. Sticky notes and General notes are added by staff during leave request creation
  3. Transport legs are shown by default based on travel data entered into the leave request
  4. The soft cut-off indicator, shown by default is connected to the settings of the leave type used
Leave Data
Name, Type, Departing / Returning, Host, and Destination are all set during the creation of the individual leave requests

Icons Explained

  1. Actors 
    1. These actors correspond to your list of staff Roles within the 'System Configuration' settings.
    2. These may include; Head of House, Parent, Student, Host/Guardian, Dean's Office.
      1. O for Override is also included to indicate 'A staff member not involved in the request has made changes'
      2. IP is to indicate a suspicious approval has occurred in the process
        1. IP = Internet Protocol address that is unique to each device; computer / mobile phone / tablet
        2. Example; A student is attempting to approve their Leave Request as the Parent, via their own IP address
  2. Properties 
    1. Green Message icons can appear automatically as a default to a Leave Location or added as a General Note in Leave Details
      1. Default Notes; Go to: System Configuration >> Leave Types >> General Setting for a Leave Type
    2. Blue Message icons are Staff-Only Notes
    3. Yellow Sticky Note icon when added will appear when the student attempts to action their Sign-out  
    4. Blue Document icon appears when a document has been uploaded to the Leave item
    5. Red Clock icon appears when a leave item, has been submitted late, based on the 'soft cut-off' settings
      1. Leave submissions are not prevented with soft cut-off settings, however, this icon provides a visual alert to any leave requests that are submitted after the soft cut-off deadline
    6. Grey Car Icon will appear when more than two methods of transportation have been created (initial plus additional legs)
      1. This only relates to the Voyage Transportation Module
    7. Grey Ratio number indicates the leave item is recurring and its current status
      1. Example; 7/16 indicates this leave item is number 7 of 16 total recurring leave items
        1. This can be used for students that sign-out every weekend, or have weekly Basketball training

Important Column Functions

  1. View all leave items for a particular Student
  2. View all leave items to a particular Destination or for a specific leave Type
  3. View all Approved leave items for the current day to assist in preparing the students or staff
  4. View all Pending leave items awaiting approval
  5. Approve or reject individual items
  6. Approve or reject in bulk by selecting multiple items and selecting the Bulk Actions button

Details View

Click on a leave item to open the details view section, this opens in-screen by extending the line of your selected item to reveal an extensive view of details and actionable items, including;
  1. All relevant details pertaining to that specific leave item
  2. All current approvals and those awaiting action
  3. The full approval trail of that leave item
  4. View the transport details or read the full notes attached to the leave item
  5. Edit or approve an event
  6. Approve on behalf of parents or other staff by clicking on their name and approving by Proxy (this creates a blue status icon)

Additional Information

For further information regarding the use of the Manage Leave section, please view the following;

Reach Web Portal


  1. UDFs Help Display Additional Information
  2. Setting Quotas in Reach
  3. Locations and How they Work in Reach


Staff.Reach.Cloud Hosts a great number of videos for many areas of the Reach platform
Manage Leave examples include;
  1. How to Create & Approve Leave
  2. How to View & Report Leave History
  3. How to Re-use Leave Requests
  4. How to Identify students without Leave

Reach Mobile App

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