ARTICLE: How to manage Leave Terms & Conditions

ARTICLE: How to manage Leave Terms & Conditions

Reach provides the Terms and Conditions (T&C) function so that schools can attach a standard policy to all leave types, or attach a specific policy to selected leave types.
These can be setup for approval in two ways; Passive or Compulsory.

Please view this document for a quick overview of the T&C options - Leave T&C Documents
A video version of this document is available here - How to manage Leave T&C 

Passive Approval

Here is an email that has been sent to a parent, requesting action to this particular leave item for their child.
Here we can see the general details of the leave item, the date and time details, and the transport types and notes if required.
The email is seeking action to approve or decline this leave request and passively the terms and conditions have been provided here.
The note clearly states that by approving this leave request you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to this schools terms and conditions for leave.
The highlighted link, when clicked, opens the document, although this is the responsibility of this parent to, read and understand.
At this point, we can just approve the leave item.

Using this passive method, it it possible, and even likely, that the policy document is not in fact being read by the parent or host.

Compulsory Approval 

A compulsory acknowledgement workflow is available as an enhancement for improved due diligence procedures. This is a recommended procedure for non-parent hosts as a due diligence measure to protect the students and the school. This system can also be utilised when a specific leave type requires a very different policy document. 

With this process, the email that the parent receives would look much the same, however, when they click to approve the leave, they will be presented with an additional step that forces the compulsory acknowledgment of the terms and conditions. 
This authorisation document presents the details of the leave request.
Towards the bottom of the document, text is highlighted to indicate, "You must read and accept", therefore the parent can not continue with the process until they have clicked the T&C link, which will open for viewing.
At this point, the parent can then check the tick box to acknowledge their actions. The green /red approve / decline buttons will then appear.
Once the leave request is approved, the leave confirmation is provided.

T&C Setup

Upload Documents

The first step is to upload the required document/s
GO TO: Data Management >> File Manager

Note: If you do not have access, please contact your schools Reach administrator to activate permission settings in your profile.

In the File Manager, Reach recommends that you add a folder specifically for Policies. 
Click on New folder, create a name, save and then Once you have the required folder, simply upload your documents, upload as many as is required, be sure to name them well for ease of use later.

Implement Document

GO TO: System Configuration  >> Leave General

Here you can view the current document via box 2616, Terms and Conditions Document.
Click View - this will download the document for perusal
Click Clear - a pop-up will appear asking for you to confirm the action
Once you have cleared any document, you can then add the new T&C document.
This document is the default across all leave types, unless there is a specific override document that has been activated.

Override Document

GO TO: System Configuration  >> Leave Types

The Leave Types page will present a table of all current items, as created and managed by your school.
Click on a leave item that requires an override T&C document, in this example we have Movies.

The blue bar is provided to add the specific T&C document for this leave type. Click / add / save.

Activate Compulsory Document

Once you have added your specific leave type document, it must be activated, so as to appear in emails and across Reach as required.
While still within this leave type, select the Actors tab from the top menu.

Here we can see level one is set to parent, with Email communication only, as noted by the three blue ticks.
One more blue tick on this page, which has now been activated, is the Terms and Conditions field, selecting this item, the T&C document must be accepted to approve the leave request.
This setting is the activation to force compulsory acknowledgment of terms within the email leave approval process.
Reach recommends the email setting for compulsory terms and conditions approvals, as the process requires internet access, this better ensures the approval can be confirmed.

Once you have finished adjusting the leave type, be sure to save and save changes.

View and Update Override Document

The Leave Types table that lists all current items, will indicate in the label column, that a T&C override document is current.
Click on that item.

The blue and red bars indicate there is a current override document.
Click on blue to view
Click on red to clear and upload another
Or, clear the document, to auto return to the default T&C document.

Content Templates

T&C documents can be created in Reach !
When attaching a T&C document in Leave Types, the lower section allows a Content Template.
These templates can quickly and easily be created for any purpose for your school.
They are saved in your school's Reach portal for use as required.

GO TO: System Configuration  >> Content Templates
Click the Add New button.
Enter a label name and select where you would like the template to be available.
Enter the details in the rich-text area.
Alternately, copy and paste details from your computer, or an existing template.
Check all details are correct.
Click Save and Save Changes.

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