ARTICLE: How to use Leave Content Templates for Terms and Conditions

ARTICLE: How to use Content Templates for Terms and Conditions

Reach provides the Terms and Conditions (T&C) function so that schools can attach a standard policy to all leave types, or attach a specific policy to selected leave types.
Further to this, you can create T&C documents within Reach, or any document that may require attachment to Leave items, this is achieved via Content Templates.

General Terms and Conditions information
Please view this document for a quick overview of the T&C options - Leave T&C Documents
How to Manage Leave Terms & Conditions - is explained here - Video  /  Document 

T&C Documents

Standard Method

  1. Upload school T&C document via Data Management >> File Manager
  2. Implement document via System Configuration  >> Leave General
    1. This document becomes the default T&C document 
  3. Detailed steps for this process and more, are explained in the 'How to' links above.

Content Template Method

This method allows you to create any number of documents that can be attached to any leave type as required.
These templates can quickly and easily be created for any purpose for your school.
They are saved in your school's Reach portal for use as required.

Create a Template

GO TO: System Configuration  >> Content Templates

This page shows the current items that can be updated at any time.
Click the Add button to create a fresh item.

Enter a label name and select where you would like the template to be available.
Enter the details in the rich-text area.
Alternately, copy and paste details from your computer, or an existing template.
Check all details are correct.
Click Save and Save Changes.
Your new template is now active.

Add a Template

GO TO: System Configuration  >> Leave Types

The Leave Types page will present a table of all current items, as created and managed by your school.
Click on a current leave item (or Add new Leave Type), one that requires a T&C document, in this example we have Movies.

The blue bar is provided to add the specific T&C document for this leave type.
Click on the long blue Select bar.
The pop-up box provides options to add a T&C file.
In the lower part, Content Templates can be added. 
The drop-down menu shows the current items available.
Select the required item and click Save.
There will now be a long blue bar and a long red bar.
Click on the blue bar to view your document.
Confirm this is the correct item.
If the item is wrong, click on 'Clear Document' and add another.
Once all is correct, click Save on the Leave Type Details page.
Click on Save Changes on the Leave Type Management page.

Be sure to activate the T&C document via the Actors tab.
This is required so the document auto-attaches to the out-going emails
 - Details are explained here - Video  /  Document 

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