ARTICLE: How to use Safe Travel Plans

ARTICLE: How to use Safe Travel Plans

The Safe Travel Plan feature was developed to quickly generate a downloadable PDF that details the information for the student travel. Schools can create any number of templates within their Reach portal, this allows data to be collated in a specific way to be exported and used when students travel, this can be especially useful for journeys with multiple transport legs or when students travel unaccompanied. 

A growing number of schools and boarding facilities manage the travel of their international students, quite often they travel unaccompanied over multiple transport legs/types. This creates a mass of data and an increase of potential risk points. The Safe Travel Plan provides assistance to this data, by providing a quick PDF that can be easily shared to all those required for the journey of the student.

This feature is part of the Voyage Transport Manager which is an extension module to the Reach platform. This must be active at your school and enabled to utilise the Safe Travel Plan templates. Enquiries regarding this module, please speak with your schools Reach administrator.
A video detailing the Voyage Module can be found with this link: Voyage Transport Manager

How to use Safe Travel Plans

Setup Transport Types

Once your school has activated the Voyage module and enabled it for use, a new transport type must be created specifically for the Safe Travel Plan. 
Extensive Voyage Transport setup information is provided with the following; 

Create or Manage Travel Plan Templates

The 'AbStudy Safe Travel Plan' template is provided within the Reach system for schools to use or update for their use. Additional templates can be created for any number of uses for travel needs. Go To: System Configuration >> Content Templates

Export a Safe Travel Plan PDF

Once a new leave request has been created with travel details and has been saved, only then can a PDF to be generated. Open the manage leave screen, click the line item of the required student, then click the Edit button to open the Leave Details screen for that item. To generate a PDF,  click the Generate Safe Travel Plan button, this opens a popup window, select the required template, click the green button to 'print' the PDF, this will save to your computer, ready for use and distribution as required. 

Example of the Safe Travel Plan

In this example, Nicola Casey has a current leave item detailed and saved in the system, it is for end of term travel and includes multiple legs of transport using the transport type created specifically for the Safe Travel Plan use.
Go To: Leave Management >> Manage Leave 

On the first line we can see the leave item for Nicola, click on the item to open 

The leave item extends down to reveal basic data and the approval audit trail.
Here, the Leave type and Transport type created specifically for the Safe Travel Plan can be seen as, 'End of Term' and ABSA Safe Travel'.
  1. The same Transport type must be selected for both Leaving & Returning when creating the leave request
  2. This double selection is what triggers the Safe Travel Plan to be activated
Click the View Transport Details button to check the details of each travel leg, this opens in a pop-up window.
  1. Leave items with many transport legs, all can be viewed here, by simply scrolling down 

Next, click the Edit button to open the Leave Details page for that leave item, here the Generate Safe Travel Plan button is now available. 
Click the button and a pop-up window requests a template selection, then click the green Generate button.
This will force the 'print' function on your computer to download the PDF file.

The PDF is branded with your school's name and logo, this is done automatically via the Reach Portal and the layout is that of the template, details are separated for a quick view, including;
  1. The name of the Safe Travel Plan template 
  2. Student photo and personal details
  3. Leave request details
  4. Transport split into Departing and Returning
    1. Individually itemised
  5. Contact details for family / hosts / emergency 

Additional information regarding the Voyage Module, please view the following;
Article: Voyage Hub

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